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The Makerslab will act as a platform for design and prototyping of products specifically related to space-making. These products often fall under the scope of industrial design specialists however, many different industries such as Architecture is exposed to this design typology on a daily basis. Often Architects, Interior Designers and even engineers are tasked to create product designs as part of the scope of work under the overall design umbrella of the project.


Casting & Moulding

Where the process of mould making is tested as a part of the design process to incorporate the mould itself, the material it is made of and the design of the mould into the thinking process.

3D Printing

Additive manufacturing can here be tested and pushed towards understanding the composition of forms, material-use and the final application as additive manufacturing holds many benefits the fabrication and construction industries.

Virtual Reality

The realm of exploring built space in actual, physical environments can be limiting especially during the design and making process. In here we aim to bridge the gap between design/ making and physical space, to allow the designer to be a part of their creation as it is being born.

Laser Cutting

The precise removal of material from a surface allows us to generate flat pack designs that can be assembled on-site or in confined spaces. This tool allows us to experiment with the idea of the long known “Ikea” concept and apply this to larger scales.

CNC Milling

This is a tool with many applications and can allow the students to combine both 3D Printing and laser cutting into the CNC environment where surface removal techniques will allow us to generate high quality finishes, complex geometries, and precise final interpretations.


Design & Digital Fabrication - Module 1

Design Drawing & Software Application

Students will be exposed to design sketching principles and transferring these ideas to a digital platform using the modelling capabilities of Autodesk Fusion 360

  • Basic Software Interface
  • Basic Form Creation
  • Form Manipulation
  • Model Preparation for Fabrication
  • Model export and slicing

Digital Fabrication - Module 2

CNC Machining

Students will learn to utilise a CNC router towards reductive form making and fabrication

  • Machine Operation, Servicing & Troubleshooting
  • Materials
  • Design planning
  • Cut path setup and machine setup

Digital Fabrication - Module 3

Introduction to 3D printing & Mould making

Students will be exposed to the use and application of additive manufacturing using 3D printers. This module will also cover the process of designing for moulds and the link between additive manufacturing and mould making

  • Machine Operation, Servicing & Troubleshooting
  • Materials
  • The Printing Process
  • Mould design and approaches to making

Design Visualisation - Module 4

Product display and presentation

Students will be taught how to represent their product to clients in various modes

  • Introduction Virtual Reality
  • Graphic Presentation Board Design
  • Product Photography
  • Modelling Forms in Virtual Reality

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