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Greenside Design Center, internationally acclaimed design college

As a specialist design college, GDC is geared to nurture creative and innovative thinkers and designers. Their graduates have what it takes to be leaders in the field, locally and internationally.

AIE, Academic Institute of Excellence announces the recent acquisition of the Greenside Design Center. As AIE welcomes Greenside Design Center into the AIE group of companies, they believe that their expertise in design education will greatly contribute toward expanding both their product offerings. The much expected announcement came, in July 2019, after months of negotiation.

GDC is the most internationally acclaimed design school in SA with its portfolios reviewed and moderated by local design educators and verified by international designers / design educators with their work benchmarked against the work produced by design students around the world, even from the 1st year of study. GDC’s verifiers have come from numerous countries, most recently from Denmark, Belgium, Australia, Israel, and the US; and from prestigious standing such as European Council for Interior Architects, Architects Council of Europe, International Council of Graphic Design Associations, and Pentagram.

Interior Design BA & BA Honours Degrees

Are you interested in creating spaces that positively affect how we live, work and play? Greenside Design Center’s interior design courses are created especial...

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Graphic Design BA & BA Honours Degrees

Are you passionate about design? Love to create a masterpiece with visual elements? Then our graphic design course is for you. The field of graphic design focuses on...

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Multimedia Design BA & BA Honours Degree

Whenever someone invents a new kind of digital display, multimedia designers have to think about how the public engage with it. Designers working in the field of mul...

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Higher Certificate in Design Thinking NQF5 (Bridge)

On an international level, the value of design thinking is embraced both within and outside of the design industries. Design Thinking is about being able explore pro...

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Upcoming Events and Open Days

August '20

Engineering Online Open Day

August  2020 Intake  @ 09:00

Academic Institute of Excellence will be hosting an online open day for all students who are interested in a career in Engineering and would like to enrol to start their studies in August for any one of their N1-N6 programs. Students will discover how classes will be presented, what subjects they will have and if they would like to book a campus tour for the day they can speak to one of our advisors to book a tour on the day to see what the campus looks like. Bookings required.

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