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National Certificate: Higher Certificate: Senior Office Administration NQF5


Be an indispensable all-rounder. This programme is perfect for those of you who want to learn a little bookkeeping and a lot of all-round office knowledge. By learning about all the elements that contribute to a smooth-running office, you'll be able to help out in just about any department.


* IMPORTANT NOTE: You can exit after completing any of the levels on NQF4, 5, & 6. To achieve your diploma, you have to complete all three levels.


Features & Benefits

  • This qualification will consist of 10 office administration and bookkeeping, cross - industry subjects that will include specialized, industry related subjects such as Business and Office Administration, Bookkeeping to Trial Balance, Business Literacy and many more.
  • Get a free Office 365 Education A1 license, valid for the duration of your studies. 
  • Job placement assistance through our industry network and online recruitment portal, exclusively available to AIE graduates. Visit for more.  

Admission Requirements

  • Grade 12 (Std 10) or equivalent
  • You must be at least 16 years of age
  • No prior accounting knowledge needed.

Hardware Requirements

Please note that you are required to have your own computer for this qualification. Available exclusively to AIE students, devices can now be financed with your tuition fees. We provide three models:



  • CORECore Spec, i3, 4GB, 2666MHz DDR4 
  • MEDIUMMedium Spec, i7, 8gb, 4GB, 2666MHz DDR4 
  • HIGHHigh Spec, i7, 16gb, 2666MHz DDR4 

R12 000.00Learn More


R21 000.00Learn More


R22 000.00 Learn More


Salaries & Skills



* All statistics are derived from

  • Pricing & Payment Options

  • Duration

    Full Time  

    • 6 Months (10 Sessions/Week, 2 hours each, +- 2 ½ day/week, class times are between 08:30 & 16:00) 
    • All credits are achieved via your study duration at the institute plus certification exams.  

    Online & Part-Time   

    • Part-Time = +-8 Months (2 Hours/week, 2nd Saturday 08:00 - 14:00)  
    • Online+-8 Months (Online live Q&A or structured classes, 2 Hours/week, 18:00 - 20:00)  
    • Credits are obtained through a combination of live virtual classes, pre-recorded video lectures and project-based tasks.  
    *Sessions will be grouped together to lower cost of traveling, however, in some cases classes may not follow this convention and schedules are subject to change.  
  • Career Options

    • Office Administrator
    • Receptionist
    • Administrative Assistant
  • Study Kit

    Your study kit is included in your fees and will contain:   
    • Free WIFI (10GB/Month, On Campus only).   
    • ICB Approved and Accredited textbooks for all subjects.  
    • Orientation kit including: Student Card, Welcome Letter, and Getting Started Guide.   
    • Access to our myAIE student portal and student support team via phone, email and tickets.   

What you get

This qualification is designed to provide the student with multiple certificates and qualifications, 
both locally and internationally recognised by industry for maximum employability.  

On completion the student will earn:  


  • Higher Certificate: Office Administration (NQF L5, SAQA ID 23619)

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Career Video

Watch this video to understand a day in the life of an office administrator. 

Important Notes

Your study fees will include/exclude: 

  • Included in Fees:  All hardcopy manuals, access to student portal and resources. 
  • Exclusive in Fees:  National Examination which is R675.00 per subject and ICB membership fee of R350.00

Business and Office Administration 2 (BOA2) 


  • The role of the receptionist 
  • Handling mail 
  • Record management systems 
  • The role and function of the secretary 
  • Introduction to Computing 
  • The Windows Operating System 
  • Working with Internet and Email 
  • The rules of typing 
  • Creating business documents 


Human Resources Management and Labour Relations (HRLR)



Economics (ECON)



  • Campus
    Registration Close Date
    Start Date
  • 03 March 2021
    08 March 2021
  • Campus
    Registration Close Date
    Start Date
  • 03 March 2021
    08 March 2021
    Part Time
  • 03 March 2021
    08 March 2021
    Full Time
  • Campus
    Registration Close Date
    Start Date
  • 03 March 2021
    08 March 2021
    Full Time
  • 03 March 2021
    08 March 2021
    Part Time

Delivery Method: 
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