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Registration for January 2020 Now Open

We are excited to announce that registrations are now open for our 1st Intake of 2020. We look forward to welcoming our new 2020 students to a new brand, new campus, new programs and new possibilities. Start your journey to a rewarding career with The Academic Institute of Excellence.

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National Diploma: Architectural Technology NQF6


The National Diploma: Architectural Technologist NQF6 provides the learner with the academic knowledge, skills and competencies required to practice in the Built Environment and to register as a Candidate Draughtsperson with the option to work towards Senior Architectural Technologist after a period of supervised practical experience and/or other requirements as specified by the Professional Registration body SACAP. 


Features and Benefits


  • This qualification will consist of 7 theory modules with practical and project-based assessments to provide practical application of theoretical knowledge.  
  • It builds on the foundation covered during the first year, your National Certificate: Architectural Technology NQF5 to further extend the students knowledge to more in depth practises from industry.  
  • The diploma can be achieved in 12 months as first year is National Certificate: Architectural Technology NQF5.  

This programme incorporates the use of Virtual Reality and may include topics such as Introduction to Virtual and Augmented Reality using your Goggles VR Headset, Introduction to the 3D Environment using Virtual Reality, Modelling for Virtual Reality, Preparing your 3D Data for Virtualization and Full Immersion, Design Validation through Virtual Reality, Presenting your data in Virtual Reality.

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  • Continual Integrated Formative Assessment: As you finish your modules you will be assessed continuously in the form of practical exercises.
  • Portfolio of Evidence: You will be required to build up a portfolio of evidence as proof that you can perform certain task in practise. This will be done in a “simulated work environment”.
  • External assessments by an accredited assessor and internal moderation with CETA verification.

Salaries & Skills


* All statistics are derived from

  • Pricing & Payment Options

  • Duration

    Full Time 

    • 12 months, 240 credits (10 Sessions/Week, 2:00 hours each, +- 2 ½ day/week, class times are between 08:30 & 16:00) *24 months if you have not completed your National Certificate: Architectural Technology NQF5 
    • All class based credits are achieved via your study duration at the academy, studio time and project based assignments. 
    • 240 workplace/in-service training hours required for qualification to be issued.  

    *Sessions will be grouped together to lower cost of traveling, however, in some cases classes may not follow this convention and schedules are subject to change. 


    Online & Part Time  

    • Part Time = 12 months, 240 credits (2 x evening classes, 18:00 to 21:00, Mon & Wed OR Tues & Thur) *24 months if you have not completed your National Certificate: Architectural Technology NQF5 
    • Online = 12 Months, 240 credits (Online live classes, twice/week, 17:00 - 18:00, Mon & Wed OR Tues & Thurs) *24 months if you have not completed your National Certificate: Architectural Technology NQF5 
    • Credits are obtained through a combination of live virtual classes, pre-recorded video lectures and project-based tasks. 
    • 240 workplace/in-service training hours required for qualification to be issued. 
  • Career Options

    • Architectural Technologist
    • Senior Architectural Technologist
    • Spatial designer
    • Interior Designer
    • Building Inspector
  • Study Kit

    Your study kit is included in your fees and will contain:


    • Free WIFI (10GB/Month, On Campus only).
    • Autodesk student licenses valid for three years.
    • Stationary including, Blue Folder, Notepad, Sketchpad, A3 Pad and 24 Piece Pencil Set
    • Electronic Study Guides
    • Printed textbooks includes: Sanitary Plumbing Services in SA Textbook, Mitchell’s Material’s Textbook, Construction Primer for SA Textbook, Building Construction and Graphic Textbook.
    • Orientation kit including: Student Card, Welcome Letter, Getting Started Guide.
    • Access to myAcademy student portal and student support team via phone, email and tickets.
    • USB 32GB with all required software applications.

What you get

National Diploma:

  • Architectural Technology , NQF Level 6, SAQA ID: 48733, 240 Credits

Our Learning Methods

At AIE, The Academic Institute of Excellence we understand that that each person prefers different learning styles and techniques. This is influenced by many factors including, circumstances, location, field of study and learning preference. It is for this reason that we have developed our myWay learning methodology, a unique and modern approach to blended learning that encompasses multiple delivery methods, involving our three main channels.

Full Time

Reach your full potential through our myWay Instructor-led or Mentorship based classes combined with interactive lessons, practical assignments and in-field experience, combined with our blended platform to make up a full day or selective days within a week.

Part Time

Designed for the working professional, our part time programmes provides you with the flexibility and benefit of our myWay Blended Learning with at home exercises/assignments and mentored or in-class lectures at a manageable schedule and pace.


We have re-defined online learning. Our myWay Online Learning ensures that the student is supported by technology and people throughout his academic journey. We focus on a blended learning approach, combining online Virtual Classrooms, at home exercises, activities and project-based assignments bundled with fully developed video lectures, all managed by our student learning platform.

Student Testimonials

Career Video

Watch this video to understand a day in the life of a senior draughtsman. 

Modules Covered


  • Architectural Presentation II
  • Entrepreneurship and Project Management II
  • Architectural Design II
  • Design Theory II
  • Construction Technology II
  • Advanced Architectural Draughtsmanship II
  • Applied Building Science II
  • Computer Applications (1st semester only)




On Exit: Workplace Preparation Module

You will only attend the WPM on your exit year. The Workplace Preparation Module is designed for students to acquire the requisite skills and attributes to help you integrate into the world of work more easily. Move from the world of education to the world of work with essential and/or specialized skills that will improve your employment (or self-employment) prospects. This program is done for all students and consist of:

Modules covered:

  • Preparing for an interview;
  • Conduct and Behavior During an Interview;
  • Communication Skills;
  • Understanding Legislation;
  • Preparing the CV that Everybody Wants to See;
  • Using Social Media;
  • Starting the Job seeking Journey
  • Registering on our recruitment portal. 


  • Campus
    Registration Close Date
    Start Date
  • 05 February 2020
    10 February 2020
    Full Time
  • 05 February 2020
    10 February 2020
    Part Time
  • Campus
    Registration Close Date
    Start Date
  • 05 February 2020
    10 February 2020
    Full Time
  • 05 February 2020
    10 February 2020
    Part Time
  • Campus
    Registration Close Date
    Start Date
  • 05 February 2020
    10 February 2020

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