Student Accommodation

Time to set up base for your studies? DigsConnect will help you explore the various types of off-campus accommodation options, that meet our criteria and accommodation standards, depending on your living preferences, budget and study timeframe. Choose from any of their recommended accommodation partners.

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Student Accommodation with DigsConnect

Time to set up base for your studies? AIE has partnered with DigsConnect in order to provide an easy to use platform from which students can find accommodation that suit their pocket and their needs. Their website is very easy to use. You simply start by entering your area and VOILA! all your options will come up. All properties listed meet our criteria and accommodation standards are high.



On DigsConnect you will be able to do the following:

1. Add your Digs to database

2. Find a Digs in close proximity to your campus

3. Find DigsMate to share your lodging with.





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